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Josh was born and raised in New Mexico.  He comes from a family of five children and a unique background of languages.  One of his sister’s is Deaf so Josh and his entire family signed American Sign Language (ASL) in order to be able to communicate with her.  Josh grew up with a sensitivity for those who have special needs. Not only did Josh learn ASL, but his Grandmother Jimenez insisted that he learn Spanish.  She made a special effort to teach him Spanish sayings and songs. 

Josh attended the University of New Mexico before interrupting his studies to serve two years as an unpaid, volunteer missionary for his church.  He used English, American Sign Language and Spanish to communicate with the people he served. After his mission service, Josh received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from Brigham Young University.  He then earned a Juris Doctor (Law Degree) from the University of Idaho.

During College he fell in love with an Idaho girl, Krystle, who became his wife and best friend.  As a new lawyer, Josh and Krystle returned to New Mexico to begin his career as a prosecuting attorney.  

He has spent countless hours as a volunteer religious leader of a Spanish speaking congregation.  He also has been a volunteer coach for his daughters’ basketball teams. He considers it a privilege to serve, work, and associate with people of all walks of life in the community.  

Krystle and Josh have three beautiful children.  He loves being a dad to his children. He enjoys fishing, playing basketball and other sports, attending church and spending time with his family.

New Mexico Family History

Why JJJ For DA? 

Josh’s family roots go back to Territorial New Mexico days long before New Mexico Statehood in 1912.   During the Second World War, Josh’s Great Grandfather would pull a wagon loaded with tamales and tacos to the train station in Lordsburg, New Mexico.  Steam engines pulling troop trains filled with soldiers destined for the wars in Europe and in the Pacific would stop for coal and water. Josh’s Great Grandfather Jimenez would sell his “hot tamales and tacos” to the soldiers.  Anxious for a taste of the Southwest, soldiers would disembark long enough to get a burning mouth and the honor of eating a real “hot” tamale. His hard work paid off and he eventually started the JJJ Grocery store in Lordsburg.  Josh’s initials are also JJJ, and he desires to continue the legacy of hard work similar to the precedent his Great Grandfather set years ago. A vote for JJJ for DA, is a vote for a native New Mexican.


Better Prosecutions For Safer Communities




Having worked in Cibola, Bernalillo, and Valenica Counties, Josh knows the importance of improving system problems within the District Attorney’s office to make the office run more efficiently.  More importantly he knows how to make changes that will improve prosecutions and office efficiency.


Crime has changed over time and yet many District Attorney’s have not kept pace to protect the community.  Josh understands and will work to implement new innovative strategies in Cibola, Sandoval, and Valencia counties to make our communities safer.  These strategies include identifying criminal organizations, focusing efforts on those who persist in criminal activity, protecting children through innovative solutions, and encouraging rehabilitation prison reforms.

Protecting and Respecting Victims

Far too often, cases get dismissed or postponed when violent career criminals should be kept behind bars.  Josh understands that justice delayed is justice denied.  There are also very specific family circumstances that make prosecutions very sensitive and sometimes difficult.  Josh has worked with and will continue to support, help and respect victims from all walks of life.




Joshua (Josh) Joe Jimenez has spent the majority of his career prosecuting cases; he has seen the good and the bad in District Attorney offices and knows what changes need to be made to help make the community safer.  He has successfully prosecuted many different types of cases in the State of New Mexico for more than 9 years.  He became a Deputy District Attorney and managed the Valencia county and Cibola county offices.  More recently, Josh worked in the Bernalillo District Attorney’s office where he was assigned to the major crimes division focusing on violent offenders.

In 2014 as a young prosecutor, he was named the prosecutor of the year for the 13th Judicial District after he prosecuted a serious home invasion case where the jury found the defendant guilty.

Throughout his career, Josh has successfully prosecuted multiple first degree murder cases, as well as homicides by vehicle, armed robberies, home invasions, kidnappings, and serious injury cases where victims have been blinded, paralyzed, or permanently injured.

Because he began his career as a prosecutor, he knows the importance of prosecuting successfully all levels of crime.  He successfully prosecuted DWIs where he was relentless in holding habitual offenders accountable.  He has prosecuted Domestic Violence cases and fought for the protection of battered women.

In preparation for his candidacy for District Attorney, Josh started his law firm, together with his partner, Payne and Jimenez, P.C.  There he practices civil law, including family law, real property law, and Estate Planning.  He practices in New Mexico District Courts and is licensed in Federal Court.


Joshua Joe Jimenez

Experienced Prosecutor • Former DA Office Supervisor • Managing Partner in Private Firm

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